UK Sailing breaks: discover the South Coast by charter yacht

The Solent and South Coast is an amazing place to take a UK sailing break. In a world that is still full of uncertainty, many people are looking for fun and exciting staycation holidays. One thing you can be certain of, is sailing to some stunning locations and visiting the heart of Britain’s maritime heritage. Arriving by sailing boat and you get to see part of the world others can’t reach!

Why charter sail in the UK?

It’s sometimes easy to think that charter sailing is something you only do in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. However, there’s many good reasons to charter in the UK.
These days the weather is generally much better than expected, with more chance of guaranteed winds, sea breezes and fair sailing. Far less need to engage the noisy engine when the sun is out and there’s champagne sailing to be had.
There’s always a huge sense of satisfaction arriving at your destination, berthing up or anchoring, with salty faces – ready to crack open that first beer. Once your boat is all safely put to bed of course!
Charter sailing in the Solent is an excellent way to progress your sailing skills and build some sea miles. With ever changing and strong tides, shipping lanes to avoid and interesting harbours and creeks to visit you get to practice your seamanship and navigation skills. Yet the Solent waters are sheltered and there are many marinas, ports and anchorages to choose from. This gives you plenty of options if, for whatever reason, you need to change your passage plans.
If you don’t have a boat of your own, want to try a larger one, or simply need a boat more suited for taking friends and family out, bareboat chartering is often the perfect solution.  It you want to go cruising yet do so in company UK flotilla sailing with an experienced lead boat could be just the thing.

Travel less and sail further

Solent yacht charter sailing - Prometheus Sailing & Sunsail UK

Beaulieu River

Taking a UK sailing break on the South Coast is often quicker and more accessible to reach than travelling abroad. You won’t lose a day to air travel either side of your holiday or have to sit in crowded airports and planes. The time you save means you can make the most of your time afloat.
For more experienced sailors, and those wishing to challenge themselves further afield, the Solent is well placed for heading West to Poole Harbour, Weymouth and the Dartmouth river. There are stunning geological treats when you voyage from Studland Bay along the Jurassic coast around to Portland. 
Alternatively, take the opportunity to head further south. The Solent is the perfect take-off point for a trip across to the Channel Islands, Cherbourg and Brittany. You’ll get an excellent combination of long distance sailing and arrive in even more stunning locations.

Benefits of chartering a yacht

Bareboat charter cruising is the ultimate holiday. Your boat is ready for you when you arrive, so there’s no yacht preparation time needed. Step aboard, do your safety checks and go.
It’s a great way to share time with family and friends. Everyone can get involved with sailing the boat or navigation, if they wish. Or simply relax at anchor, lounge around on board, swim, dive or paddle board.
You get to stay in a different location each night. No need to repack your luggage or sit in traffic jams on the motorway. It’s like your own portable hotel that you move to new stunning destinations each day – if you want to.
For many people, chartering a yacht for a holiday is a much easier and more convenient solution than owning one. It’s a much lower investment, you don’t need to spend time on maintenance and all the responsibilities that come with owning a boat. Your boat comes ready with everything you need for safety and navigation.
You can simply book a yacht for when you need it – by the day, weekend, all week or a fortnight.  

Discover more - check out this advice from the RYA about choosing a charter sailing holiday.

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