The smart way to own a sailing yacht

Yacht ownership made easy

Joining our TITAN Yacht Ownership Programme makes owning your own large modern sailing yacht in the UK a reality. There’s no need for it to be ‘just a dream’!

Our Prometheus Sailing TITAN Programme means affordable yacht ownership. TITAN is cost effective and takes the hard work out of being a yacht owner. We take care of all the boat maintenance and management for you. Simply turn up, go sailing, and make the most of your time afloat and having fun.

In addition, when you are not using your yacht, it can earn money for you too. Along with our unique TITAN Unlimited Usage option you can choose when your boat is available and the type of charters it does. And, the charter fees it makes will offset any maintenance and management costs, as well as generate revenue from your yacht.

If you’ve always wanted your own yacht, TITAN means you can!

Titan Yacht Ownership Programme - Prometheus Sailing

Discover our TITAN Yacht Ownership Programme


Buy a new Jeanneau 41.0 sailing yacht

Single, multiple or business owners welcome

We handle the order, paperwork and commissioning for you.

Buy as a private owner, in shared ownership with friends, or as a business owner.

A substantial discount or cash back from the purchase price

Take advantage of our established brokerage and benefit from our savings on the purchase price.

TITAN Unlimited Usage - sail when you want

You choose when and how often you use your yacht. There’s no limits on the number of days or dates.

We professionally manage your yacht

We organise all:

  • regular maintenance
  • insurance
  • marina berthing
  • charter management

All operating costs are offset against your 60% charter revenue share.

No need for your boat to just sit there when you are busy. Generate revenue from your yacht when you are not using it. We manage all charter bookings on your behalf.

Choose the type of charters your boat does

You can decide on how the boat can earn revenue:

  • sailing school
  • bareboat cruising
  • bareboat racing
  • skippered cruising
  • skippered racing

Enjoy £3000 worth of TITAN Owners Privilege Points

Enjoy our special TOP Points and spend up to £3000 on:

  • Own boat / private tuition days with a Prometheus Sailing Instructor for you and your crew
  • Purchase of Helly Hansen Sailing kit
  • Purchase of YellowV inflatable SUP or Kayak

Programme duration

TITAN own yacht programmes run for 3 or 5 year contracts. At the end of the period you can:

  • take over the management of your boat
  • trade it in against another new yacht
  • choose to sell it

Generate revenue from your yacht

Your choice of the type of charter activity your boat does means you can influence the revenue generating potential of your boat. The wider the range of charter activities will maximise the charter revenue returns, whereas a smaller range will generate less. As a TITAN yacht owner you have full control of your yacht usage, when you want it and the charter and revenue earnings.

Why use our yacht charter management service?

When you buy a Sunsail 41.0 and place it into yacht charter management with us you can guarantee Prometheus Sailing will take care of all the details. Our team has over 50 years experience in yacht management and maintenance. It will be professionally cared for and prepared, ready for each time you need it.

TITAN Affordable Yacht Ownership programme -  Prometheus Sailing

About Our Sunsail heritage

Our team has a strong heritage with Sunsail, having run and managed their UK charter fleet before taking it over. Sunsail are the original pioneers of yacht ownership and charter management. The company started with a handful of yachts in the BVIs 50 years ago and revolutionising the yacht charter industry. Over 5,000 owners have enjoyed being part of the Sunsail fleet. And more than half of Sunsail yacht owners sign up for at least a second yacht on the programme.

The Prometheus Sailing and Sunsail UK TITAN Yacht Ownership Programme carries on this heritage in the UK, with a unique range of highly attractive owners benefits.

Please contact Simon Boulding, Prometheus Sailing MD to discuss owning your own Sunsail 41.0.

Tel: 02394 350505

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